Movement Focus of the Month: Squats

One of the most fundamental movement patterns there is! Don’t take your squat mechanics for granted as it forms an integral component of our programming methodology.

We will tackle everything from air squats, to goblet squats, to wall ball, to bar load variations…and everything else in between!

Get ready to get low….and often!

You’re welcome Tatiana (or should we say “Squat-tiana”)!

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Open Gym

Starting this month (August 2nd), we will be offering Open Gym every Sunday from 8-10am. As seen in the proposed schedule for September, Open Gym opportunities will be abundant. Whether you are following a squat program, trying to get your first double under, or working on linking kipping pull-ups together…Open Gym will provide you a specific platform to do extra work.

Please note that athletes MUST register for Open Gym via Wodify in order to participate. If no reservations are made, Open Gym will be cancelled for that day/time. Open Gym sessions attended will count towards limited attendance memberships (i.e. 10-pack, 2x/week).

In addition, Open Gym will be supervised by a member of the Revel coaching staff, but is NOT an instructor led session. Athletes are responsible for their own warm-up and cool down. There will be a workout placed on the board for athletes to follow if they’d like.

Lastly, please be sure to treat the gym with respect during Open Gym hours. This means be courteous to others in the box and please clean up after yourself.

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Progression, Part 2…

“It’s the road less traveled for a reason, right?”

I wanted to follow up on last month’s discussion regarding progress and our insatiable quench for immediate gratification. As mentioned…in any pursuit that holds true value to us, there is a demand for patience. Assuming that we have chosen the path of patience, how can we be sure that we meet progression in our this pursuit. As you embark down that road less traveled, how can you set up your journey for success?

Ultimately the hope is that at the end of the road we should be met with success…some glittery and shiny object that we’ve always dreamed of; a.k.a. our goal! But so often we never make it to the end…or when we do, we are left holding an object that doesn’t look so shiny…or glittery.

One of the biggest flaws in achieving progress is an inability to measure that progress. In other words, we set goals that are subjective and open ended….I want to be healthier, look better, feel better, lose weight, stop smoking. These types of goals lack qualitative metrics that we can use to track progress. Progress needs to be measured, it needs to have a number, a percentage, or some quantifiable value beyond opinion and feeling. Our inability to set expectations for measurement will inevitably lead us towards failure.

This is why we deliver you a results driven program of fitness…we track your back squat, your Fran time, your number of strict pull-ups. We test and retest to offer insight into progress. These metrics can be used to evaluate the validity of the program. They offer opportunity to make changes if things are not progressing as planned…or to stay the course, when they are.

So when you are on that road less traveled, don’t get caught in awe of the bumps, twists and turns…start measuring the miles to the end!

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